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Not sure what to do with your Amazon Author page? This neat planner shows you what you can do to enhance your sales through Author Central. It might not seem as if you can do a lot with this page, but there's more to it than you might think. As every signpost you give potential Amazon readers drives traffic and potential new clients to your business, it's well worth the effort of using this page to the max.

Planner contents:

Step 1: Rock Your Author Photo
Step 2: Craft a Compelling Biography
Step 3: Make Use of Your Events Tab
Step 4: Video Sells
Step 5: Invite visitors back to your house
Step 6: Start a Conversation
Step 7: Spread the Word

This simple, actionable step-by-step guide will help you turn your wasted page into a turbo-charged referral page on Amazon.
You will get a PDF (282KB) file
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