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Business Book Academy

  • Do you want to write a book but struggle to get started or keep going with it?
  • Do you have questions you just can't get the answers to from books and courses?
  • Would you love a one-stop-shop to get all the resources and support you need to you write a book?
If you want more help with your book you're in the right place!

At the Business Book Academy, you'll get access to a whole library of training and coaching. From ebooks, courses and masterclasses to QAs, challenges and Hot Seats, you'll get everything you need to not only start your book but keep going to the point where you publish it!

On top of that, you'll get access to an amazing community of like-minded business authors so you can build a network of support and encouragement. You can even form alliances to turbo-charge your launch and keep your book selling. 

The Business Book Academy has been designed to be the complete learning and support centre for coaches, consultants and business owners who want to write a book. 

Subscribe to the Academy to get access to all this! Choose the level of support you're looking for an dif it's not for you, don't worry, you're not tied in and you can leave at any time.
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Founder Members - If you joined during the initial founder member launch. You have lifetime access to the Business Book Academy at the Founder Member level.


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This is the standard plan for the BBA. If you're a founder member and you leave, when you return, this is the fee you'll pay.


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With this plan, you get access to a special mastermind session each month, plus discounted coaching offers, special events and challenges... and much more!