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Why some books are NEVER going to sell!
I was flicking through Facebook this morning when I saw a post from an author (we’ll call her Maria) bemoaning her lack of sales. Several people posted replies telling Maria’s her covers and series titles weren’t working. Hmm. Was it possible that a ...
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Is Writing a Book Right for You?
A year or so ago, when podcasting was just starting to get big, I set about finding out what it would take to start my own podcast.It was THE thing to do at the time and it looked like a great marketing strategy – everybody loves podcasts! (Don’t the...
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Find the right idea for your book
How to Find the Right Idea for Your Book
How do you decide what to write about in your book? If you have some ideas already, how do you know if any of them are any good? Choosing a book idea can lead to a lot of soul-searching and procrastination. This can really keep you stuck. But remembe...
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A Fast Guide to Print Publishing
A Fast Guide to Print PublishingYou can’t ignore the power of a printed book. It has a physical substance that can’t be matched by digital forms of communication, like ebooks, courses and talks. It's one of the reasons why a printed book feels more v...
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A Fast Guide to Digital Publishing
Despite the opportunities offered by digital publishing, it still doesn’t resonate with business owners in the same way that print does. That’s a shame, and I'm going to tell you why in this short guide to digital publishing.What is digital publ...
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5 reasons why publishers reject business books
The 5 Main Reasons Why Publishers Reject Books
Nobody likes to be rejected. Yet publishers do it all the time. In fact, they reject over 99% of the books proposed to them.If you’re a business owner who wants to get their book traditionally published, that might seem like a depressing statistic. B...
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